HCM Finances Next Generation
IT Facilities and Distributed Energy Projects

Hooked Capital Management applies deep subject matter expertise in energy, structured finance and mission critical facilities program management. HCM’s unique collective capabilities produce innovative financing solutions that get hard to finance projects completed and generate outsized returns for investors and operators.

Financing for IT Centric Enterprises, Colocation Sites and Managed Service Providers

HCM’s evolved execution program tightly maps facility utilization to operating expenses and the cash flows necessary to support low cost debt in direct correspondence to individual business development requirements. Our financing programs and tools for staged investment and phased build-out of these complex projects virtually eliminate stranded capacity, maximize efficiency and reduce operating expenses. This in turn makes our projects more cost efficient and more competitive in the marketplace for operators and developers.

Managing Energy and IT Projects for Investors, Asset Managers and Real Estate Developers

HCM’s expertise, analytical tools and diversification offer an unparalleled way to participate in the highest performing real estate asset class with both reduced risk and a clear path to a hefty return. Our projects require relatively small capital outlay; enhance income for idle liquid or illiquid assets and produce a substantial back-end profit. HCM projects are modulated; success-based quantitative endeavors that capture additional revenue by including onsite power generation. The additional income amplifies investment returns and promotes sustainability.

We Resolve Persistent Market Inefficiencies

HCM breaks through the ‘chicken-and-egg’ conundrum between preleasing and construction funding. We support mission critical facilities development and execution goals for each project and phase. HCM essentially extends a ‘just in time’ model for data center buildout along specific thresholds for expansion with predetermined credit lines, and backs it with secure predictable investment results.

The Hooked Capital Management Team


David Holub – CEO

  • 20+ Years in Information Technology Infrastructure Projects
  • From concept to delivery in many roles including: Principle Program Manager, Owners Representative, Partner/Developer, Designer, Tenant Representative, CTO, Owner/Operator, Purchasing Manager, Due Diligence Analyst, Engineering Consultant for: Telecommunications, Systems, Security, Networking, Mechanical and Electrical Plant Projects.
  • Employer/Client Project Examples: Whole Earth Networks, Various Telecoms, iAsiaWorks, Nielsen, Broadcom, Craigslist, Intel, Bloom Energy, Pandora, Vantage Data Centers, Palatine Capital Management, Garland Connect/Wells Fargo, Jones Lang LaSalle

Scott Lipsitz – Managing Partner

  • Founder of Rainmaker Capital, LLC, a San Francisco based Investment Bank providing Corporate Development and M&A services to emerging technology companies since 1995.
  • Scott brings 18 years of CFO, financial management, operating, and corporate development and M&A experience. He designs and executes finance and operating strategies for rapid growth and profitability.
  • His experience spans multiple business models across communications, IT infrastructure, mhealth, Social media, Saas & Cloud models, Media & Entertainment, managed and professional services.

John Fox III – Partner

  • 12 years of real estate investment, development and early-stage start-up experience. His roles have ranged from sales management to consultant and partner.
  • Instrumental in developing analytical tools specifically designed for phased project modeling, sensitivity analysis, income projection, tracking and valuation unique to HCM’s investment thesis.
  • Brings expertise to a broad range of investment types from commercial real estate to green energy.
“HCM provides a comprehensive solution set that unites funding with evolving industry trends, emerging data center markets and technology opportunities.”
David Holub, CEO


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